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@~.HexTurkiye Siber Saldırı Platformu /www.hexturkiye.com

Echo@~Hei World
Echo@~ .HexTurkiye Siber Saldırı Ve Güvenlik Platformu Coming here
Echo@~:Your Security Is Low
Echo@~ Please patch your System.
Echo@~ I will come back soon.
Echo@~ Seek Something impossible
Echo@~ Special Thanks : SON_OSMANLI

[+] Hacked By .HexTurkiye[+]
[+] Message : Hello world.. you think your security safe? security was a game for us, security safe? only exist in a dream!
Don't panic admin I just tested my ability
Please Fix Again Your Site
We will come back again..
contact me :http://www.hexturkiye.com/3> Remember..Remember and Remember...
Expect us

[+] We Are :HexTurkiye
! Please Patch Your System !
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